The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is systemically shutting down certain call centers in India and the USA that are using deceptive tactics and fraudulent means to scare people of having malicious infections in their computers. These fake notifications are served and distributed using pop-ups and / or via free software. These are nothing but “Scareware” tactics generating millions in revenue to these cyber criminals.

You may be notified that your computer is infected with a large number of viruses or malware and provided with a telephone number to call. This is a fake claim from an illegitimate company trying to get you to purchase a support subscription and scam you. If you get any such notifications about an infection in your PC and you are concerned of the legitimacy, please call us at 1-877-877-9944 and a STOPzilla representative will help you to verify the accuracy of the information.

You are protected with STOPzilla software and support, and safe from any Viruses and Malware attack. Please do not fall victim to this scam that the FTC has been systemically shutting down.

Here at iS3, Inc., the maker of STOPzilla, we are concerned about our users and we have created this page to educate our users of these deceptive practices to prevent them from being scammed.