Fake Support Number

STOPzilla has discovered the following group claiming to offer STOPzilla Support. They are not our Support staff or an authorized STOPzilla reseller. This is a common search engine keyword manipulation technique used to piggyback off of legitimate support groups and security software vendors. We strongly recommend against contacting them for any STOPzilla related issues, as they do not service our product in any way, or have any relationship with STOPzilla. Again, please do not call the displayed number if you are trying to reach STOPzilla, or STOPzilla Support.

The correct contact information for STOPzilla is as follows.

Website – www.STOPzilla.com
Support page – http://www.stopzilla.com/support/
Email – support@stopzilla.com
Toll Free Customer Support – 877-877-9944
Toll Free Tier 2 Support – 877-213-9843

If you have encountered any suspected fraud, it can be reported on the following page.