It’s good to know where one stands in life. This is especially true when it comes to your Antivirus license status. For easy reference, your current STOPzilla subscription information is located on the lower left corner of the STOPzilla Antivirus program window. However, additional license information and activation options are available under the Support section of the program.

To access the Subscription Status screen, begin by opening the STOPzilla program window. Next, click Support, which is located at the bottom of the program window. On the support screen, click the Subscription Status box. This will open the Subscription Status window. Your license type, license end date, days remaining on the license, and the STOPzilla support phone number will be displayed.

You’ll also see an Activate Now button on the right side of the Subscription Status window. This can be used when renewing a license, switching your copy of the program to a new license key, or activating an expired license. Select Activate Now from the right side to open the Activation window, where the key information can be entered at any time.

As always our friendly support team is standing by at and toll free at 877-213-9843 to answer any questions regarding your subscription.