One of the most recognized names in computer security has updated its signature software. With a plethora of new and enhanced features, we feel that you will find STOPzilla AntiVirus 8.0 a marked improvement over its previous iteration. Let’s get familiar with some of the software’s features.

  • Active Protection: Never worry again if your antivirus is on the job. With our active scanning, we detect threats before they are even saved to your hard drive.
  • Better Battery Use: With our new software, you also save battery life when unplugged allowing you to play, surf, and work longer while remaining safe and secure.
  • Gamer Friendly: Users can switch over to “gaming mode”, which mutes notices and conserves resources.
  • Malware Detector: Protecting your system has never been easier. Feel secure in the knowledge that our software can keep you safe and protected while remaining silently in the background. This can also apply to external or removable hardware like USB thumb drives, external hard drives, and other detachable devices. But if you want to make sure STOPzilla AntiVirus 8.0 is on the job, perform an active scan (or schedule one) just to be sure.
  • Smart Scanning: After your initial scan, any further scans are much faster since STOPzilla AntiVirus only needs to see if previously analyzed files have changed.
  • Web Filter: Dangerous websites are a thing of the past with our new web filter feature. Designed to constantly update itself, it keeps you and your personal information safe.

If that’s not enough to get you to buy or update AntiVirus 8.0 see the product page for more information. For less than $40 a year, you can have peace of mind and be secure in the knowledge that your system is as safe as it can be with STOPzilla AntiVirus 8.0 sitting watch.