STOPzilla is proud to announce our newest major version update to STOPzilla Mobile Security.

Android phone and tablet users will now have access to premium security features exclusively designed for mobile platforms.

All of the following features and more are included in the new STOPzilla Mobile Security.

App Lock Screen

App Lock

Your senstive information is kept safe from prying eyes with STOPzilla Mobile Security’s App lock ability. App Lock allows you to pin password protect selected apps. If someone wants to open the chosen app, the pin will need to be entered before it can be launched.

Malware Scanner Screen

Malware Scanner

Its mobile malware detection is completely cloud-based and provides 100% detection. Autopilot automatically scans all new applications for malware. On demand scanning is also available. The Malware Scanner can be run at any time to check for infections.

Privacy Advisor Screen

Privacy Advisor

The integrated Privacy Advisor also notifies you if certain apps are getting too comfortable with your personal data. Use it to review installed applications and learn what they know about you.

Anti Theft Screen


STOPzilla Mobile Security also provides device recovery tools in case of loss or theft. The web page allows you to remotely locate, lock, wipe, or send a message to a lost device.

Portal Screen Portal

Along with the anti-theft options, the website easily allows you to manage your STOPzilla Mobile app, licenses, and profile. You can check to see how much time is remaining on your current license, renew, or purchase new licenses directly from the portal.

Web Security Screen

Web Security

We haven’t left out browsing. STOPzilla Mobile Security offers Web Security to protect against phishing, malware, and fraudulent content while browsing web pages.

In addition to all the new features, the app still remains straightforward to use and has little to no impact on your device’s battery life.

Give it a try today! Download STOPzilla Mobile Security from Google Play here. For more information, please visit our STOPzilla Mobile Security product page.