We use our phones to access our bank accounts and send personal messages more than any other device; cyber criminals understand the value and vulnerability of this habit — there are more than 25,000 new malicious apps created monthly, targeting your Android device and the data on it. It’s estimated that 30% of Android phones worldwide are infected. Malware on an Android device is especially dangerous because your phone is a communication device — if the malicious code can’t upload your information to cyber criminals via the internet, it can simply call it in.

Bank accounts, frequent flyer accounts, emails, your personal contacts and information, etc are just some examples of the sensitive data you access daily using your Android phone. iS3 now offers STOPzilla Mobile Security, allowing you to protect your Android phone from malware and other malicious code that can affect your phone. STOPzilla Mobile Security also includes additional solutions, such as an anti-theft suite, allowing you to locate, lock and message your lost phone, and even wipe it clean if it is lost.

For more information on STOPzilla Mobile Security for Android, visit: http://www.stopzilla.com/products/stopzilla-mobile/