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STOPzilla Mobile Security

The Ultimate Antivirus for Android

  • Antivirus and antimalware for your Android device
  • Intelligent Anti-Theft and Web Security
  • Privacy Advisor and App Lock
  • Serviced and supported within the USA
  • Compatible with: Android devices only
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1 Year Subscription
30-Day Money Back Guarantee

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  • android anti theft
    Lost or stolen Android device? Rest assured, our Anti-Theft feature offers the ability to locate, lock, wipe or message your device remotely.
  • android anti virus
    Web Security
    With our "In-The-Cloud" scanning technology, STOPzilla Mobile Security works with your Android web browser to provide precautionary measures against compromising websites.
  • antivirus scan
    Malware Scanner
    STOPzilla Mobile Security securely scans and removes threats from your Android device with low impact on your battery life.
  • privacy advisor
    Privacy Advisor
    Keep track of each application's permission requirements, showing how your installed apps are using your sensitive data.
  • app lock
    App Lock
    App Lock allows you to use a PIN code to lock and protect your private apps so you can browse and socialize online worry free.
  • event viewer
    Event Viewer
    The Event Viewer keeps track of all notable events and actions logged by STOPzilla Mobile Security antivirus for Android.
  • malware scan
    Immediate Install Scanning
    STOPzilla Mobile Security for Android automatically scans any application immediately after its install. This keeps users informed and protected whenever they try a new application.
  • virus scan
    On-Demand Scanning
    You can also run an "On-Demand" scan at any time to ensure that all the applications installed on your Android device or kept in its storage are valid and safe.

Mobile phones contain more sensitive data than ever before, and mobile Internet usage and downloads grow every day. Protecting your devices with a mobile antivirus solution is critical to keeping your personal data safe.

STOPzilla Mobile Security was developed to provide the ultimate antivirus software for Android devices. Not only can this mobile antivirus program protect your device from malicious apps and websites, but it also comes with countermeasures to keep your data safe – even if the device is stolen. Clean up your Android device's memory and increase speeds by using the Application Audit feature. Users can also run a scan at any time to check their Android device for viruses or malicious programs.

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STOPzilla Mobile Security Screenshots

Home Screen - Your Device Is Safe

Mobile Security Home Screen

Malware Scanner

Malware Scanner Screen

Web Security Screen

Web Security Screen

Anti-Theft Screen

Anti-Theft Screen

App Lock Screen

App Lock Screen

Privacy Score Screen

Privacy Score Screen

How to Setup Your Web Security Portal
  1. Open your computer's web browser and go to
  2. If you already have a Gmail account, you can use this to setup and access your personal security portal. Just click on the blue GOOGLE link and you'll be automatically setup and signed on.
  3. If you plan to use a personal email, please click on the NEW ACCOUNT SETUP BUTTON.
  4. Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS and PASSWORD (twice).
  5. Click the CREATE button.
  6. You will now see an alert screen stating "Your account has been created. An activation email has been sent to you. Please activate your account within 2 weeks". An automated email will then be sent to your inbox shortly. Account Confirmation Screen
  7. Please go to your personal email inbox. You will then receive an email titled "Complete your STOPzilla Installation". Please click on the link in the email after the "Your generated account password is:" to activate your account.

How to Access Your Web Security Portal
  • Open your computer's web browser and go to
  • Click on EXISTING ACCOUNT and enter your email address and password. You'll then be taken to your personal security web portal home page. Personal Security Web Portal Home Page Screen
  • Account: Click on the OVERVIEW button. This will confirm your country of residence and your email address.
    • EDIT PROFILE: In the series of pull down menus, please enter your Name, Address, and Phone Number.
  • SERVICES MENU: Anti-Theft Anti-Theft Screen
    • Click on the Anti-Theft button. This will take you to the area where you can use your REMOTE LOCK, WIPE, ERASE, and AUDIO ALERT functions.
    • Click on the SELECT DEVICE button. In this pull down menu there will be a listing of your phone device. Choose your device in the pull down menu. GPS Street Map Screen
    • A GPS street map will appear with the active location of your phone (Please note—your phone must be on and if you own a Tablet, your tablet must be active and on in a WI-FI cloud.
    • In the center of the screen will be your present location in the ACTIONS window. This window has 4 buttons:
      • Earth Icon: Remote Locate Function- use this button to GPS locate your device.
      • Emergency Icon: Remote Wipe Function- use this button to remotely erase all content on your device.
      • Lock Icon: Remote Lock Function- use this button to remotely lock your device.
      • Bullhorn Icon: Remote Audio Alert Function- use this button to remotely activate an audio alarm on your device.
      STOPzilla Mobile ACTIONS Screen

At STOPzilla we are committed to providing the best possible products and services to our customers.

This is why we offer a 100% money back guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with our service or programs, we are not satisfied. Initial subscriptions can be refunded within 30 days of your purchase. Renewals can be refunded up to 60 days of the renewal date. No questions asked.

To request a refund, please contact a billing representative via the following methods.

Toll free numbers:

Billing hours:

  • Monday - Sunday: 8am-10pm Eastern
Better Business Bureau A+ Rating

Customer Reviews

4 / 5
Great protection

You'll never know just how easy it is to get viruses or malware on your Android phone until you have an antimalware program for it. After I downloaded STOPzilla Mobile, I realized just how many apps I download have viruses and are malicious. It has protected me from at least 20 bad apps since I've gotten it. Don't use your android without stopzilla Mobile!

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System Requirements

Supported Operating Systems
  • Android 3.0 or later
Internet Connection Required
  • Active internet connection recommended
  • Default Android Browser