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4.5 / 5
Saved me

I was on the verge of buying a new PC because it was running so slow. I used to have to wait about 5 minutes for my PC to boot up and another minute in between web pages! I couldn't run more than two programs at a time without it freezing. I saw STOPzilla Optimizer and tried it out. I have to say STOPzilla Optimizer will always be one of the first programs I will ever install on my computers in the future. It saved me from having to buy a new computer—this one runs like new.

4 / 5
Gives me an edge

As a PC gamer, speed means a lot to me. Manual optimization can only do so much, and messing with the registry is too risky. I love STOPzilla Optimizer because it cleans out my computer regularly, updates my drivers and keeps my frame rates high, giving me an edge on the competition.

4 / 5
Runs like New

I've been using STOPzilla since the dragon when I saw STOPzilla Optimizer. I didn't understand that your computer "ages" and becomes slower with time. STOPzilla Optimizer did everything I never knew was possible for my PC – it runs like new and I have a lot more space now that all of the junk files are gone. I can't believe the difference.

4 / 5
Simple to use

I was quickly able to find and fix registry errors, free up hard disk space and easily perform a quick performance check. It was all so simple.